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Strategy Group Head

what you’ll do
  • Creating communication strategies for current clients and tenders;

  • Annual planning for the agency's key clients;

  • Creative briefing, joint storming sessions, strategic support throughout the project;

  • Curating and mentoring juniors and middles on projects;

  • Briefing and reception of the results of the work of marketers;

  • Formation of the agency's knowledge base;

  • Monitoring the effectiveness and quality of current projects and making proactive proposals;

  • Conducting training events for clients and external audience of the agency.|


  • Conducting workshops/workshops for clients;

  • Teaching within the framework of the company's author courses (HSE, MSU, MACS, etc.);

  • Work on the agency's promotion strategy.

what you’ll need
  • Work experience in a communication agency;

  • Work experience in a network agency is a big plus;

  • Experience in creating short-term and long-term communication strategies - at least 4 years:

  • Experience working with large international or Russian clients is mandatory.

  • The ability and desire to offer exclusively data driven solutions;

  • Understanding how Research Works;

would be a plus
  • The skill of creating brand strategies

what we offer
  • A wonderful team, with which you can always go into the fire, and into the water, and to the assault, and to the presentation;

  • Independence and the ability to offer any ideas (both to clients and to the agency);

  • Competitive salary;

  • Corporate MacBook;

  • Two-storey office near M.Baumanskaya

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How the team works
How the team works
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