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what you’ll do
  • form an educational product;

  • manage landing page conversion;

  • test, select and check new channels, funnels of attraction;

  • coordinate a team of marketing specialists;

what you’ll need
  • knowledge of the principles of performance marketing channels: target, context, search engine optimization;

  • experience working with educational products and schools;

  • knowledge of the principles of content distribution channels: social networks, mailing lists, blogs, working with the media and external publications;

  • ability to analyze PK, look for growth points;

  • extensive experience with excel spreadsheets, google docs;

would be a plus

what we offer
  • a wonderful team, with which you can always go into fire, and into water, and to the assault, and to the presentation;

  • independence and the ability to offer any ideas (both to clients and to the agency);

  • competitive wages;

  • corporate MacBook;

  • two-storey office near M. Baumanskaya.

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